Jerusalem Summer Pickles

What doesn't taste good with a side of pickles. Exactly.

You will need…

1.  Big Glass Jar
2. Medium Sized Pan


¼ cauliflower, broken up into florets
1 carrot, sliced thinly
½ stick celery, roughly chopped
½ turnip, cut into small stick
¼ white cabbage, cut roughly
½ red chilli, sliced thinly
½ kohlrabi, cut into small sticks
2 garlic cloves

300 ml water
30 ml white wine vinegar
25 ml lemon juice
½ tbs cumin seed
½ tbs coriander seed
15g salt
5g sugar
1 green cardamom clove
1 Stick of dill
1 leaf bay leaf
1 tbs amba spice


  1. Start with the pickling liquid. In a Medium size pan, add all the pickle liquid ingredients, boil for 3 -5 min. Taste! Taste again. The liquid need to be strong in flavour, quite aggressive in saltiness and sourness. The logic behind it that the vegetables will absorb most of the flavours, the worst things is to get pickles that are not seasoned enough!
  2. Next place the veg in the jar -try to press the veg inside, after the adding the liquid, the vegetables will shrink so don’t worry!
  3. After the boiling and tasting, pour the hot liquid on top of the veg, cover. Let it cool down slowly over night and then move to the fridge. Leave to pickle and will start tasting good 24 hours later!