At Farmer J, we don’t believe in bullshit. We don’t serve it and we don’t expect you to buy it. That’s why we want to be honest about our price changes happening from Tuesday 5th April 2022

This is in response to increasing costs of operating, these being:

  • Increase in VAT to 20%
  • Food costs impacted by the conflict in Europe, for example, our high-welfare UK based chickens feed on grain grown in Ukraine which has resulted in a 25% increase in the cost of chicken
  • Higher fuel and energy prices have impacted supplier deliveries and operating costs
  • Price inflation of packaging due pandemic recovery pressures

We have absorbed as much of the increase as we can up to this point but unfortunately to keep giving you the best quality with no compromises to our service, food or packaging, we now have to pass on some of these costs.

Although this might not be the greatest news, don’t fret, you can still get your Harissa Chicken Fieldtray for less than a tenner. That’s not all…


A smaller selection of our favourite flavours. All yours for £7.50 and available in all Farms.

Chermoula Slaw

Chermoula Chicken, Seasonal Slaw, Brown Rice, Green Tahini
D / G

Green Harissa

Harissa Chicken, Brown Rice, Spinach, Green Tahini
D / G

Lime Leaf Curry

Lime Leaf Tofu Curry, Brown Rice, Spinach
D / G / V / Ve

Miso Greens

Miso Hispi & Aubergine, Brown Rice, Broccoli
D / G / V / Ve