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Catering Delivery

We deliver catering orders within a 2 mile radius of our Regent Street, King William Street and Jubilee Place Farms, covering central London and beyond. From Fieldtrays and Fieldbowls to Farm Platters and Feasts, we’ve got everything you’ll need to support your event.

Our Favourite Feasts have been built with our signature Fieldtray in mind (bases, mains, hot sides, salads and sauces), catering for larger groups of people. We also have Farm Platters which allow you to build your own Feasts.

To make an order, click the button below. We ask that you place the order at least 2 business days before your event, however, we recommend ordering as early as possible (you can order up to 4 weeks in advance) as we have a limited number of delivery slots available.

For any questions, email us at


Hello, I'm Farmer J

I Make
Good Food
That’s Good
For You

Is Ready
You Are

And is
never, ever

If I wouldn’t
feed it to
my family,
I wouldn’t
feed it
to you.

We cook from scratch
with the best ingredients

We give a fork

Real food, honestly prepared. Cultivating authenticity and transparency – from what’s in our food, where it comes from, to  how it’s prepared.

We source locally, where we can
from high-welfare UK farms

Home of the Fieldtray


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    J’s Indonesian Slaw

    Green Dukkah Slaw


    Harissa Chicken

    Kale Miso Slaw

    Milk Bun Bagels

    Kohlrabi Carpaccio

    Za’atar Cacio Pepe

    Lamb Laffa Pizza

    J’s Kuku Sabzi

    Tahini Chickpea Salad

    J’s Classic Shak

    J’s Mujadara

    Cauli Schnitz’

    Shroom Shawarma

    Leftover Turkey Sandwich

    Miso Sprouts

    Miso Aubergine & Greens

    Freekeh & Spinach

    Heirloom Tomato Salad

    Za’atar Sweet Potatoes

    The Green Shak

    Whole Roasted Cauliflower

    Chilli Ginger Salmon

    Green Tahini

    Field Grains

    Chermoula Turkey

    Frenchie’s Farm Salad